Bronfman LLC is an investment firm that specializes in making flexible equity investments in family and entrepreneur owned businesses in North America and Western Europe.

The firm is associated with the Matthew Bronfman branch of the family.  Bronfman LLC is separate from Matthew Bronfman’s other business endeavors and those associated with other branches of the Bronfman family.

Edgar M. Bronfman Sr. (mid) inspects the first computerized reserved seat ticket box office system. A predecessor company to Ticketmaster was one of the Bronfman family’s early investments in a closely held firm.

From humble beginnings as immigrants at the end of the nineteenth century, leaving Russia to find a better life, the Bronfman family began to create what would become the leading distiller in North America.

As a direct recipient of the wealth created by the Seagram Company, the family has expanded by continually reinvesting in various ventures across industries.

Recognizing the family’s history of successfully capitalizing entrepreneur and family owned businesses since the 1960’s, the firm was purpose-built to leverage the family’s reputation and notoriety within the business community to partner with business owners seeking long-term, family-to-family partnership.

What we do

We offer our partners:

  • An alternative to a full exit or sale of a majority stake
  • Liquidity
  • Growth capital
  • Flexible balance sheet solutions

How we do it

Our approach is driven by our values of entrepreneurship, integrity and mutual respect, paired with a long-term investment horizon and focus on building deep family-to-family relationships with our partners.

Investment Criteria

We provide flexible solutions to entrepreneurs and families seeking a longer term, customized capital structure.

Target Company Profile

Stable, cash generative growth businesses

TARGET Geography

North America and Western Europe

Investment Horizon

Long term


Sector agnostic


Non-control structured equity